The result of this continued collaboration between the Great Master Sirisompan with Arjarn Marco De Cesaris Muay Thai Boran is the mother art of modern Thai Boxing, the combat ring sport popular around the world. Commonly known as Muay Boran, it is in reality a thoroughly researched mix of characteristic elements derived from : regional style variations such as “Muay Chaiya”, “Muay Korat”, “Muay Lopburi”, “Muay Luang”, “Muay Uttaradit” or “Muay Tasao”. All of them have common ground in combative principles and in shared logic, but apply differently each techniques according to their local origins. Moreover artistic and lethal Hanuman (the “White Ape”) techniques are included in Muay Boran curriculum, as it is practiced by International Muay Boran Academy’s members. All those ancient fighting principles together with modern scientific training techniques borrowed from professional thai boxing, combine to create an effective, useable methodology available to the modern western athletes and martial arts enthusiasts.
In this way, it is correct to label Muay Boran as a discipline that is ancient and modern at the same time.
It was Thai Grand Master Chinawooth Sirisompan’s vision of the need for a coherent structure, that led to the patented first versionof traditional Muay Thai technical program after numerous attempts around 1990. The program was articulated and subdivided into levels called “Khan” and as such formed the basic structure of the official curriculum that is now followed by International Muay Boran Academy’s associates across Europe and America.
The result of this continued close cooperation between Grand Master Sirisompan and italian Arjarn Marco De Cesaris , is to have perfectly adapted a traditional Siamese Martial Art to the realistic requirements of western practitioners: self-defence, fitness, self confidence, cultural study and eventually a tough fighting sport. When East and West meet, with mutual respect, the best of both worlds emerges.
From a technical stand point Muay Boran is based on the scientific use of the nine body weapons (2 fists, 2 legs, 2 knees, 2 elbows and the head) to attack and defend. Attacks are executed by striking all parts of the opponent's body, moreover additional techniques include grappling, throwing to the ground, gripping and twisting the opponent's limbs to break or damage joints.

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