Italian Muay Kard Chiek Tournament Rome 2008


The matches are fought in a square padded surface without ropes, athletes wear traditional thai trousers and are obliged to use groin guards, mouthguard and shin guards. Hands are wrapped with cotton rope gloves. It is also permitted to use ankle protections.
Fighters are allowed to use any kind of kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes and punches against every part of the opponents body, but no punches and elbow strikes are allowed to the head. Moreover, fighters can grapple and use throws (only “thai style”).
Fights consist of 3 rounds of 3 minutes each, and the weight categories are (upper limits given) : 60kg, 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg and more than 90kg.
The athlete can win by ko, referee stoppage , on points (the points are attributed by the 3 judges and the head judge).
(see IMBA rules)

Kard Chiek - Italian Championships 2004
Kard Chiek - Italian Championships 2005
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World Muay Boran
Bangkok 2007

Form competitions are divided into two categories, single and team forms.
Single forms are performed by athletes divided by age limits and each set of techniques must comprise mae mai, look mai and Hanuman techniques; the execution of the single form must be preceded by complete Wai Khru.
The teams are formed by 2 athletes that execute a sequence of Mae Mai and/or Look Mai techniques for maximum time of 2 minutes. The difficulty scale (see list) is the basis of scoring.
The Wai Kru (respects to the Master) can be included in the performance of the Mae Mai and its value can be added to the attack and defense actions or judged in a separate way.
The jury is composed by 5 members (at least 12th khan Advanced).
The official national competitions take place once a year as a preparation to the World Championships (which usually takes place in Thailand).
(see AITMA rules)

Mae Mai - Italian Championships 2004
Mae Mai - Italian Championships 2005
Mae Mai - Italian Championships 2006
World Championship - WMBF Bangkok 2007
Traditional Forms -Italian Championships 2008
Traditional Forms -Italian Championships 2010
Traditional Forms -Italian Championships 2011
Muay Thai - Amateur

Muay Thai Amateur

Athletes fight on a regular boxing ring and are divided in weight categories (see list); the obligatory equipment are boxing gloves and head, body, elbow, groin, teeth and tibia protections. The matches consist in 3 rounds of 2 minutes in tournaments and 5 rounds of 2 minutes in single matches. There are 5 judges that help the head judge.
The International competitions take place on a biennal period, alternating the European Championship (organized by EMC, European Muaythai Confederation) with the World Championship.


- Italian Medals Team De Cesaris World Championship Bangkok 2007
- Italian Medals Team De Cesaris World Championship Bangkok 2006
- Italian Medals Team De Cesaris Euro 2004 Praga EMC-WMF


- IAMTF International medals Team De Cesaris

Muay Thai - Professional

Thai pro

Professional athletes fight using limited protection (boxing gloves, mouth, groin and ankle guards) and the fights have a longer duration (5 rounds, 3 miutes a round) compared to amateurs.
The weight categories are tighter, so as to prevent fighters fighting at unrealistic weights and thust protect the athlete's physical integrity.
There are 3 judges and a head judge.

- Pro Champion Team De Cesaris Archive

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